Cape Town Gun Shop, Shooting Range & Firearm Training

The Firearm Training Academy is pleased to announce the opening of our new and improved gun shop and firearm-training facilities.

After operating from within the shooting range’s clubhouse for many years, we’ve now moved into our own premises alongside the clubhouse.

This significantly larger space allows us to display more firearm-related products and equipment; however, it also means we can stock and store far more firearms for our customers as our storage facilities are substantially larger.

As mentioned in a previous post, one of the benefits of purchasing your firearm from the Academy is that, because we operate from one of Cape Town’s largest shooting ranges (FBSSC), you’re able to train with your firearm while waiting for the licence to be approved (T&Cs apply).

That way, when you finally receive your license, you’ll already be familiar and comfortable with your firearm.

Moreover, we’re recognised distributors for a complete list of registered importers and distributors in SA. Just let us know what firearm or accessory you’re looking for, and we’ll source it for you if we don’t already have stock.

So, if you’ve yet to visit the new shop, swing by for a coffee or check out the pics below for a preview.

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