EARMOR M20 electronic noise reduction earplugs

If you spend a lot of time at the range, you’ll know that ear muffs eventually get uncomfortable after long periods. This is why electronic earplugs are often the preferred choice for shooters who do a lot of training and competitive shooting.

The only problem is that most electronic earplugs are priced beyond what many people are willing to spend on ear protection.

Thankfully, the answer may now lie in the EARMOR M20 range.


The EARMOR M20 Electronic Earbuds adopt an in-ear electronic hearing protection system which can help reduce continuous noise and impulse noises while suppressing dangerous sounds above 82 dB.

There are two modes to choose from: ‘Indoor’ and ‘Outdoor’. Both work to adjust varying ambient noises.

Battery life can last up to 8 hours before recharging, and there is a low-battery reminder.

Compared with traditional noise-cancelling ear muffs, the EARMOR M20 range combines compatibility, portability and comfort. It comes with a silicone retention cord to prevent loss and accessories such as earpiece covers and tips of various sizes.


Advanced Digital Circuit
Intuitive one-button operation
2 sound effects (indoor / outdoor)
Low battery prompt
Noise Reduction
Variable Gunshot Suppression
Includes 3 sizes of fins and 3 sizes of foam tip

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A pair of M20 electronic earplugs
Portable charging case
Retention cord
Charging cable USB-C
A pair of small earpieces cover & ear tips
A pair of large earpieces cover & ear tips
User instructions


R2 340

Contact us in-store for more info and stock availability.


As all competitive shooters know, “eyes and ears” are the most essential part of the game. Unfortunately, most in-ear electronic earplugs don’t come cheap.

The EARMOR M20 range, however, are priced for all shooters to enjoy.

The unique design allows for a comfortable, snug fit. In fact, after 5 minutes, I forgot I was wearing them. They’re small, compact, and have 2 ear inserts that vary from small, medium and large – allowing for a snug fit with a spare set of covers. They also have a safety rubber cord that secures them when you’re running gunning.

Another great feature is the airtight docking station that secures the earplugs and recharges them quickly while you’re at the range.

Although the earplugs come charged, I haven’t needed to recharge them and used the M20s on two occasions with minimal battery usage. The longest I have run them without power failure is 7 hours.

Unlike traditional earplugs, they don’t completely block off all sound, instead, they electronically suppress loud noises, while allowing you to still hear range commands etc. What’s more, there’s no interference or white noise from other electronic devices.

So, if you’re tired of bulky earmuffs that press down on your ears, cause you to sweat in hot weather, or require you to remove them every time you want to take off your cap, then the EARMORs may be for you.

Reviewer: Shaun Giles

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