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Firearm Competency

Whether you want to learn how to shoot a firearm or own one for self-defense, sport shooting, or business purposes, we provide firearm training from beginners up to advanced-level instructors.

The False Bay Firearm Training Academy offers all levels of firearm competency training, including handgun, rifle, shotgun, and Business / Tactical Competency training.

Correctly termed "Proficiency Training", any South African resident wishing to purchase a firearm must first complete their Proficiency Training with a qualified instructor.

The training includes basic course material, followed by an open-book test, a closed-book test, and a series of practical shooting tasks that must be completed.

The practical shooting portion typically takes 1 to 2 days, depending on the course selection. The reading material and open-book test (completed at home and in your own time) takes roughly 1 to 2 weeks to complete.

Once you receive your Proficiency Certificate from the Firearm Training Academy, you then submit this document – along with a SAPS 517 form – to your District Firearm Office at your local police station. If all is in order, SAPS will issue you a Competency Certificate, which you then use to apply for a firearm licence.

Yep, the process sounds confusing, but rest assured, our qualified instructors will guide you through the entire firearm licencing process from start to finish, as they've done for thousands of other happy gun owners over the years.

Click on the manuals below for further details on each course. Alternatively, call the numbers below to chat with a firearm instructor:

Landline: (02) 782 0107
VOIP: (021) 300 1179
WhatsApp: 064 286 0173