Cape Town gun shop with shooting range and training facilities

Why you should buy your first firearm from the False Bay Firearm Training Academy

You’ve found a firearm that you really like.

You would’ve bought it already, but you’re searching for the best possible price.

You could keep deal hunting. Or…

… you could buy your first firearm from the Academy and train with it while you wait for the license.


As you probably know, firearm licenses can take up to 6 months or more before receiving approval. That’s 6 months of gathering dust in a shop safe while you could be shooting, training, and practicing with your firearm at the Academy.

Because the Academy operates from one of Cape Town’s largest shooting clubs (FBSSC), any firearm purchased from our gun shop can be booked out for testing/training*.  (T&Cs apply)


The False Bay Sport Shooting Club is a Cape Town-based shooting range with more than 20 shooting bays. Twelve of which are undercover for rainy weather.

The club hosts sport-shooting matches every month, as well as a hugely popular Open Day that happens once a year – usually in December.

Although the Club and the Academy are two separate businesses, both are open 7 days a week, 350 days a year.


If you need assistance, our friendly instructors are there to help with firearm training, gear suggestions, ammo sales, and/or holster and belt recommendations.

That way, when your firearm license finally comes through, you won’t be starting from scratch like many other first-time gun owners. Instead, you’ll already be comfortable with your firearm: familiar with the trigger, accustomed to the sights, and quick, efficient, and consistent with your draw – one of the most essential skills to practice with your new pistol.

Shooting Range - The False Bay Firearm Training Academy

That said, the benefits of deal hunting should be weighed against valuable firearm training time and having a place to practice.

Here’s an example: You find an irresistible deal on a firearm that’s R1 000 off…

R1 000 divided by, say… a 6-month waiting period for the licence = R166 per month.

So, is having access to your firearm for training purposes worth R166 per month?

That’s for you to decide. In the meantime, here are a few more reasons to buy your firearm from the Academy…

  1. While some gun shops may quote irresistible prices, they often charge monthly hidden storage fees. In contrast, the Academy offers free storage – while you wait for your licence – with every firearm purchase*. (T&Cs apply)
  2. The False Bay Sport Shooting Club is one of the most picturesque shooting ranges in Cape Town, boasting a mountain view on one end and an ocean view on the other.
  3. Hundreds of tourists from around the globe visit the Academy every year to shoot a wide variety of firearms and have fun at Cape Town’s most popular shooting range.
  4. Aside from guns, ammo and gear sales, the Academy also offers the following services…

Click here to view our firearm training prices. Or call 021 300 1179 to chat to a firearm instructor.

*Terms and conditions apply. Please call the Academy for details.


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